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Our company has many professional production equipment and detection equipment to assure the quality of our product. The advanced detection equipment of our company comprises X-ray detector, ultrasonic wave detector, hydrostatic testing machine, tensile testing machine, metallographic analyzer, direct reading spectrometer. Meanwhile, we have physical and chemical laboratory room to conduct the related test such as impact test, metallographic analysis and so on. All those advanced and full set of testing equipment can guarantee our product meeting the production standard to satisfy the needs of customers.

Technological Process of Hot Rolled Seamless Steel Pipe
1. Tube Billet Inspection
2. Qualified Tube Billet Blanking
3. Heating
4. Hot Piercing
5. Tube Rolling
6. Pierced Tube Reheating
7. Sizing
8. Cooling
9. Straightening and Cutting
10. Tube Cutting
11. Nondestructive Testing
12. Manual Surface Inspection
13. Packaging
14. Weighing and Storage

Hydrostatic Test
Steel Pipe Eddy Current Inspection
X-ray Detection
Ultrasonic Wave Detection
Hydrostatic Test
Magnetic Flux Leakage Testing Machine
Direct Reading Spectrometer
Tensile Test
Metallographic Analysis
Impact Test
Film Observing
Ultrasonic Detection
Physical and Chemical Test
Physical and Chemical Test
Main Products
  • Custom Shaped Cold Drawn Seamless TubeThe custom shaped cold drawn seamless tube is widely used in a variety of structure, tool and mechanical part. Compared with round steel pipe, it generally has larger moment of inertia, section modulus and the strength of bending and torsion, which can reduce the structural weight and save steel largely.
    Steel Grade: 10, 20, 16Mn, Q345B, S355JR, ASTM A106 GR.B, API5L GR.B, ASME A53B ...
  • Cold Drawn Seamless Boiler TubeThe cold drawn seamless boiler tube is particularly suitable for manufacturing steam boiler, pipeline and other appliances with high and above pressure. The product with other steel grade can also be provided after consulting.
    Outside Diameter: 10-530 mm
    Wall Thickness: 1.3-100 mm ...