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We can provide you the pictures of our factory, office building and others.

As a professional seamless steel pipe manufacturer and supplier in China, we offer a variety of products, including hot rolled seamless steel pipe, honed tube, cold drawn seamless steel pipe, welded steel pipe, and much more.

Main Products
  • Machining PartsRaw materials and machining parts have favorable cost advantages, especially when they are exported from China to other countries. In the cost analysis for machining parts, the raw material cost accounts for 30-50%, while the machining and processing cost accounts for 50-70%. As a specialized machining parts supplier based in China, we have a complete range of processing machines and technologies ...
  • Structural Steel PipeThe structural steel pipe is manufactured for the applications of general and mechanical structure. It has been widely used as the structural tube such as construction scaffold and machining in the fields of construction, machinery, traffic, aviation, oil exploitation, etc.