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Piston Rod

The piston rod of our company can be treated with induction hardening with medium and high frequency, quenching and high temperature tempering or the treatment of the latter two processing methods together. Meanwhile, the surface of the product can also be optional, which could be without any process, hard chromium plating, nickel plating, phosphorus plating and nitriding resistant to salt spray.

Technical Specifications
1. Outside Diameter of Solid Piston Rod: 5-600 mm
2. Outside Diameter of Hollow Product: 8-350mm
3. Wall Thickness of Hollow Product: 1-30 mm
4. Steel Grade: 45, DIN45, JIS 45C, 2Cr13, 40Cr
5. Standard: GB/T2348-2001, GB/T3639-2000, DIN2391, EN10305

The Details

Outside Diameter Range (mm) φ6- φ12 φ16- φ25 φ30- φ50 φ55- φ100 φ105- φ1200
Length (mm)200-2000 200-3000 200-5000 200-10000 1000-10000
Surface Roughness 0.4-0.1
Hardness of Surface Treatment≥HRC60 Straightness 0.15mm per meter
Roundness Tolerance Level 9 of GB1184 Thickness of Chromium Plating According to user's requirement
Allowable Tolerance of Full Length Level IT of GB1100 Material In accordance with the requirements of customers
Hardness of the Axis HB220-280

Note: If the product with special specification is needed, customers can contact or e-mail us.

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