Line Pipe

Line Pipe

The line pipe of our company is produced through cold drawn. Its main usage is to transport gas, water, oil and other fluid in the fields of petroleum, natural gas, etc. The production standard of the product is API SPEC 5L.

Chemical Composition

StandardStipulated Category of ProductSteel GradeChemical composition (%)
API 5LPSL 1L210 or A≤0.22≤0.90≤0.030≤0.030----≤0.25
L245 or B≤0.28≤1.20≤0.030≤0.030----≤0.25
L290 or x42≤0.28≤1.30≤0.030≤0.030----≤0.25
L320 or X46≤0.28≤1.40≤0.030≤0.030----≤0.25
L360 or X52≤0.28≤1.40≤0.030≤0.030----≤0.25
L390 or X56≤0.28≤1.40≤0.030≤0.030----≤0.25
L415 or X60≤0.28≤1.40≤0.030≤0.030----≤0.25
PSL 2L245R or BR≤0.24≤1.20≤0.025≤0.015≤0.40cc≤0.04≤0.25
L290R or X42R≤0.24≤1.20≤0.025≤0.015≤0.40≤0.06≤0.05≤0.04≤0.25
L245N or BN≤0.24≤1.20≤0.025≤0.015≤0.40cc≤0.04≤0.25
L290N or X42N≤0.24≤1.20≤0.025≤0.015≤0.40≤0.06≤0.05≤0.04≤0.25
L320N or X46N≤0.24≤1.40≤0.025≤0.015≤0.40≤0.07≤0.05≤0.04≤0.25
L360N or X52N≤0.24≤1.40≤0.025≤0.015≤0.45≤0.10≤0.05≤0.04≤0.25
L390N or X56N≤0.24≤1.40≤0.025≤0.015≤0.45≤0.10≤0.05≤0.04≤0.25
L415N or X60N≤0.24≤1.40≤0.025≤0.015≤0.45≤0.10≤0.05≤0.04Negotiation

Note: Except for the agreement between the manufacturer and purchaser, the sum of chemical composition percentage point of vanadium and niobium should not exceed 0.06.

Mechanical Properties

StandardStipulated Category of ProductSteel GradeMin. Yield Strength (Mpa)Min. Tensile Strength (Mpa)
API 5LPSL 1L210 or A210335
L245 or B245415
L290 or x42290415
L320 or X46320435
L360 or X52360460
L390 or X56390490
L415 or X60415520
PSL 2L245Ror BR245-450415-760
L290R or X42R290-495415-760
L245N or BN245-450415-760
L290N or X42N290-495415-760
L320N or X46N320-525435-760
L360N or X52N360-530460-760
L390N or X56N390-545490-760
L415N or X60N415-565520-760

Specification of Coating

Nominal Outside Diameter RangeOutside Diameters Rang(mm)Coating TypeCoating LayerCoating Thickness
DN100-600114.3-609.6Three-layer Structural Polyethylene (3PE)Inside Layer: Epoxy Powder (Green) 2.0-4.5mm
Middle Layer: Adhesive (White)
Outside Layer:Polyethylene (Black)
Two-layer Structural Polyethylene (2PE)Inside Layer: adhesive 2.0-4.5mm
Outside Layer: Polyethylene
DN80-60088.9-609.6Fusion Bond Epoxy (FBE)Epoxy Powder 200-400um
Two-layer Structural Fusion Bond Epoxy (2FBE)Inside Layer: Epoxy Powder (Green) 400-800um
Outside layer: Reinforced Epoxy Powder (Celadon)
DN100-600114.3-609.6Three-layer Structural Polypropylene (3PP)Inside Layer: Epoxy Powder (Green) 2.5-3mm
Middle Layer: Adhesive (White)
Outside Layer: Polypropylene (White)

As a professional line pipe manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide not only cold drawn seamless steel pipe, but also cold rolled precision tubes, honed tube, machining parts, and hot rolled seamless steel pipe, among others.

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