Hydraulic Steel Tube

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Hydraulic Steel Tube

Made of high quality carbon structural steel, the hydraulic steel tube has been added one or several kinds of alloying elements properly which can enhance the strength, toughness and hardenability of the steel effectively. The product is superior in mechanical properties, abrasion resistance and machinability compared with the steel pipe made of only high quality carbon structural steel.

This type of steel tube has mainly two usages which are cylinder pipe containing structural pipe and plunger pipe. The application of cylinder pipe involves in hydraulic prop, hydraulic support single telescopic prop, double telescopic prop large cylinder, jack, etc. The application of plunger pipe involves in hydraulic prop, hydraulic support single telescopic prop, double telescopic prop small cylinder, etc.

Technical Specifications
1. Outside Diameter: 20-426 mm
2. Wall Thickness: 4-100 mm
3. Material of Steel: 20, 35, 45, 27SiMn, 30CrMoSiA
4. Standard: GB/T 17396, GB/T3639, GB/8713, Din2391, Hk15, etc
5. Manufacturing Method: Hot Rolling

The product is delivered under the state of hot rolling.

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