Drilling Pipe

Drilling Pipe

The drilling pipe of our company is often used for geological drilling. It can also be applied as drilling rod, drilling collar, core tube, casing tube, sedimentary tube, etc.

Technical Specifications
1. Outside Diameter: 25-426 mm
2. Wall Thickness: 4-100 mm
3. Material of Steel: DZ45(45MnB, 50Mn), DZ50(40Mn2, 40Mn2Si), DZ55(40Mn2Mo, 40MnVB), DZ60(40MnMoB), DZ65(27MnMoVB), R780(36Mn2V, 42MnMo7, 36Mn2V), L80(30CrMnSiA), N80(45MnMoB)
4. Standard: YB/T 5052, YB235, Q/OHAD006, JISG 3465, GB/T9808
5. Manufacturing Method: Hot Rolling

Delivery Status
The drilling pipe should be delivered under the state of normalizing if its yield point is equal to or less than 60kgf/mm2. Or the product should be delivered under the state of normalizing and tempering. For the hot rolled steel tube, the normalizing process can be replaced by taking the processing method of controlling the finish rolling temperature.

Liaocheng Yaxinda Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd. is an experienced drilling pipe manufacturer based in China. Our products include cold rolled seamless precision tube, axle steel tube, seamless rectangular steel pipe, T shaped steel pipe, and much more.

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